Banking Securities And Finance


In development of every economy, financial institutions such as banks and credit Saccos are key drivers to the economy. They play crucial roles inter alia; safeguarding clients’ funds, ensuring funds accessibility on a need basis, facilitating the transfer of funds between accounts, offering foreign exchange services, safekeeping of valuable items, offering investment services and portfolio management.

At HKM, we work hand in hand with key financial institutions as we strive to safeguard both our clients’ and financial institutions’ interests.

The banking and securities arm of our firm is backed by a team of specialized lawyers who are well-versed to offer their expansive legal expertise on financial matters and specifically on;

  • Perfection of Bank Securities Such as Charges and Debentures;
  • Asset-Based Financing;
  • Debt Financing;
  • Project Financing;
  • Financial Disputes;
  • Guarantees and Undertakings; And
  • Financial Regulation and Compliance with Relevant Laws Such as Banking Act and The Central Bank of Kenya Guidelines by Local as Well as Foreign Companies/Institutions.